About Alankar Manpower

Alankar Manpower is a manpower consulting firm and system integrated services, tailored to client’s need. Established in 2005 , we deliver value to our clients by combining knowledge of their businesses with expertise.
We at Alankar Manpower believe and understand that an Organization’s success depends on its Core Values and the excellent competence of its Human Resources. We strongly believe in the positive strength of Human Values and our professional expertise strives to ensure that, it is the core of every successful team and organization. Our solutions revolve around our belief.

We have built enduring relationship with our client across India. As a corporate partner, we source professional with intellectual horsepower to help organizations build their human capital on one hand and on the other we help
Individuals optimize their career.

Our Values

Alankar Manpower Consultants maintains the highest standards of ethical behavior&professional Integrity. We work with transparency in our operations and professional code of conduct. We will indulge in riring only the very best people with right attitude.

Our Vision

To be one of the most preferred “one –Stop Hr Solution Provider” for Clients, by becoming the topmost group of company

Our Mission

Empowering clients and deliver value added cost effective solution to our honorable Clients to Realize their Potential by Continuous Value Addition.

Where we are going

Aspiring to be one of the top professional One Stop HR agencies in India.

Our focus is on providing a fast. Effective. Personal service for clients with high standards demanding high caliber candidates, properly screened & briefed. With expectations that meet the client’s objectives. We target to bridge the gap between the candidates and the employers and cater to the Human Resource requirements of a certain number of companies. We believe in establishing a long-term relationship with our clients by delivering value added cost effective services of high quality. We also ensure that all our processing will be reliable, fair minded and efficient.

As an exclusive division, Alankar Manpower aims to provide quality solutions to all your recruitment strategies. Our consultants work on, specialist teams covering fresher, junior, mid and senior level appointments in India in various functional areas.

Our Team

Our Team Consists of experienced team members hailing from diverse backgrounds ranging from Business Management to HR. Team members of the Planning and Execution teams are certified practitioners in their respective area of expertise.

Apart from that, we are:


We understand their business needs and meet their requirement quickly. The secret to effective speed in this business is People networking and we are constantly networking to ensure that our client do not have to wait for a solution.


The emphasis is on quality solutions. This way we ensure that our client gets the best. Solutions provided by us are lasting and effective. Our team brings to you knowledge and experience in both business and technology that help smooth your way through the intricate hurdles of Human Resource.

Value Addition

Alankar manpower have been able to meet the clients HR Facility Management. Payroll software needs, Managing Payroll Process and even Conducting Training for the development of the employees. We have got extensive database of candidates from all functional areas where technology is given very high priority. Majority of our candidates come from diverse technical skills and CMM Level. All our candidates undergo a preliminary assessment, ensuring thereby that they are the right candidates to fulfill you requirements.

Alankar Manpower prides itself on its attention to detailed and quality service. We are almost certain, that our clients that we work would feel the same about their own organization However, when it comes to recruitment, it is surprising to see how many get it wrong! Your recruitment process is quit often the first impression that a new employee has of your organization it is essential that this process is handled in an efficient and professional manner to maintain your name in the market.

Alankar Manpower can help you to streamline you recruitment process, improve efficiency and ensure that you never have to search for new talent – they will come to you! Alankar Manpower charges the client company a professional fee, which would amount to certain percentage of the annual gross salary of the selected candidate. Candidates are exempted from remitting any fees for the service rendered.


  • Recruitment
  • Career Consultation
  • Overseas Placement
  • Professional Resume Maker
  • Corporate Training
  • HR Outsourcing
  • Payroll Processing
  • Integrated HR System
  • Online Survey

The FACLITY MANAGEMENT SERVICE (FMS) of Alankar Manpower addresses exclusively to the needs of large turnkey staffing assignments. FMS will manage the entire staffing function from identifying potential candidates and bringing the selected candidates onboard. Our residential HR provides the clients with Facility management Service.

Apart from that EXECUTIVE SEARCH WING (ESW) offers a complete recruitment solution, within tightly defined time schedules, with extremely attractive cost savings ensuring your freedom to focus on your other core competencies.


Alankar Manpower’s trainers are well experienced and have professionally provided training to both Corporate and Institutions. Training that been covered is both on IT and Non-IT.

Basic Computers & M.S Office Training.

Sales & Marketing Skills Training.

Negotiation Skills Training.

Presentation Skills Training.

Team Management Skills.

Time Management Skills.

Soft skills (communication skills, negotiation skills presentation skills, email etiquette).

Finance (tax planning, corporate finance)


In our Integrated HR services, we provide a whole package of benefits that are customized to suit the client’s specific focus, needs and requirements. While recruiting, we do not merely forward the screened resume against a requirement but also perform a thorough assessment of the candidate through standard psychometric tests. Thereafter, we attach the psychometric profile to the candidate’s resume and forward it to our clients to aid them in taking a speedy decision on the candidate’s selection. Once the selection is done, we assist the company in finding our if gaps exist between the person and the job. This is possible if competency mapping has already been done in the company. If not, we first map the competencies for the jobs and then analyze the gaps. Gap analysis gives us an insight into the training and development needs of the candidate. To eliminate the identified gaps we train the candidate and ensure a good person-job fit. When we conduct Training programmes as part of the value addition services, we charge a very nominal fee for it (just enough to cover our costs). Also, for large assignments, psychometric testing is offered absolutely free of change. If you do not wish to avail of the whole package then you could even choose and seek benefits of some particular service/s. This would then necessitate extra charges.


We help organizations establish and strengthen their HR Departments by Designing, Developing and implementing HR systems which benefit the clients not only to help the organizations achieve their objectives by acquiring, developing and retaining the best talents. These HR systems comprise of most suitable practices, tools & techniques which ultimately results in clients increase in top line as well as bottom line.


  • Setting up HR Department.

  • Strengthening existing HR Department.

  • Manpower Planning and Forecasting, Hiring Strategy.

  • Designing & Developing the Hiring and Selection System.

  • Designing & Developing Performance Management System.

  • Career Planning.

  • Policy Formulation and HR Audit


Our Organizational Development interventions help organizations to acquire and retain valuable workforce with a view to grow exponentially in the dynamic world of today. We assist organizations to build their own future.

Our services in this area are:

  • Change Management.

  • Organizational (Re) structuring.

  • Group and team interventions.

  • Focused group discussions to resolve organizational issues.

  • Counseling of personnel.


We provide a Whole range of psychometric testing and profiling services.


  • As part of the Hiring & selection System.
  • To assess Cultural Fir in campus recruitments.
  • To support Training and Development System.
  • To appraise Potential for Promotions and Transfers.
  • To assess Individual’s Compatibility in a given teams.
  • To assess Person-Organization (P-E) Fit and Person-Position (P-P) Fit


  • Competency Modeling.
  • Development of Model.
  • Validation of Model.
  • Competency Assessment.
  • Competency Development.
  • Competency Based HR Systems.
  • Design.
  • Implementation.

Our Clients

  • Orion Trading Contracting Company, Doha, Qatar
  • Best Contracting Company, Doha, Qatar
  • Abdullah A.M. Alkhodari Sons Company, Saudi Arabia
  • Albalagh Trading & Contracting Company, Doha, Qatar
  • Arbian Construction Engineering Company, Doha, Qatar
  • Harwal Group, UAE